Mark Kouris

Game Developer and Software Engineer

I am a recent graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology. I am a software engineer knowledgeable in all facets of game programming, with a specialization in graphical rendering. I am always eager to expand my knowledge and gain experience in the field I love. Currently, I am looking for employment opportunities. I'm eager to find a role where I can put my existing skills to work while also learning from industry professionals to grow into an excellent engineer.


Languages: C (5 Years), C++ (5 Years), C# (5 Years), GLSL (4 Years),  Java(2 years), Python (2 Years), Lua(familiar), SQL(familiar).

Tools/API: Unity, Unreal Engine 5, OpenGL, GIT, SVN, Visual Studios, IMGUI, Linux development, Nintendo SDK,

Soft Skills: Verbal and Written Communication, Brainstorming, Teamwork, Punctual, Problem-Solving, Adaptability.


BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation 

Grad Apr 2023

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA

● Minor in Mathematics









Project Redoubt was my junior year game project at DigiPen. For this project, I wore many hats on the development team, making sure everything went smoothly. Here are some highlights on what I worked on that I am most proud of:

Below you can see the lava shader in action:

And a full gameplay demo:


Ransack Raccoon was a project I joined half way through development. While they had a completely serviceable engine at their disposal, they were lacking someone with experience in graphics systems to help streamline the production phase. The teammate who had written the system originally had left our school, leaving them struggling to understand said system. That was why they brought me on originally. By utilizing my experience in openGL render pipelines, I was able to help increase productivity on the project as a whole, especially in the department of integrating our artist's assets into our project in a quick manner.

Bugs I faced in this project: 

Above: An isolated demo of the outline shader in action.

Below: an example of the outline shader in game, notifying the player they still have items to collect.


A 2D auto running platformer with musical inspiration and elements. 

This is an 11 person DigiPen game project. My role on the team was as lead graphics and systems programmer. Some of my contributions are as follows:

HIP HOPPITY Demo: a snippet taken from the digipen game showcase.

OpenGl Rendering Engine

Below you will see 2 visual demos for the OpenGL rendering engine I developed, beginning with the course I took in advanced graphics at DigiPen, which I then iterated upon more in my own time. These classes taught me all about the implementation techniques of the more advanced techniques with opengl, including reflections, different methods of lighting including phong and blinn, deferred rendering, forward rendering, and skyboxes. The following are some visual demos from the projects I have made for the class. Each project builds off of the previous in an engine we made from scratch.

Object and Camera movement Demo:

Reflections and Skybox Demo:

CS 388: Nintendo Switch Development

With this class, I was able to work hands on with the Nintendo Switch codebase and develop my own projects that all ran locally on the Nintendo Switch. Due to my NDA I am unable to go more in-depth with specifics of said code base, but it was a fantastic experience developing on a new platform. Our final project was a short game named Marbleu, which you can watch our demo of below. Sound, graphics, motion controls, input detection and a physics engine are all present.

During the project, I:

Marbleu Gameplay Demo: